William Randall

Hello, My name is William I also go by IcyRelic in the online realm. I most recently have worked as a Reporting Analyst for Web.com and did development work on the side for them. I find passion in writing code from HTML to SQL and Java. I defiantly side with the Object Oriented languages. I take pride in how my code looks and reads some may call it "Pretty Code". When it comes to reports they must be uniform, readable, and of course "Pretty". I am a perfectionist, If its not perfect its not done. Not convinced already? Check out my Resume!

What I Do

Dashboards and Reports

I find passion in retrieving data and creating beautiful reports and dashboards using software such as Tableau, PowerBI, or Microsoft Excel. All reports and dashboards are uniform and professional and meet expectations. Each dashboard is tailored to whom uses it to aid them in the best way possible.

SQL Development

I write SQL queries to retrieve data from underlying systems such as Cisco, Teleopti, and Jira with a list of data requirements from a client. Each query is written with passion and optimized for the best and quickest results.

Backend Development

My primary passion for development resides in the backend. I absolutely love using and creating my own APIs to drive website and software applications. Some of the APIs I have used to connect to my applications in the past are OKTA, Jira, League of Legends from RiotGames.

Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation is probably one of the coolest things I have taken an adventure in. From creating collection bots to renew unpaid products to responding to customer tickets. I have also made numerous Web Automatons using the Selenium API. I am certified in Pegasystem Robotics and I continue to explore every possibility to automate manual work.